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Dr. Pillai stresses the absolute importance of pure commitment in manifesting your dreams, hopes, goals and desires when he says:
“A life without commitment is the guaranteed road to destruction. All unsuccessful people are committed to non-commitment.”

This is a powerful message and a great reminder that you must take responsibility for your life.  If you desire change, you must make the commitment to change your life and take the actions required to do so.  Conversely, if nothing changes, it is only because you are currently committed to non-commitment.
You can make any change you’d like and bring anything into your life that you want, if you fully commit to making the necessary changes in your life, and sincerely put time and energy into bringing those desires into manifestation.

Dr. Pillai has written the following ideas about this important key to successful manifestation, speaking on the necessity of having pure commitment to bring any desire into reality:

“The message I want to give you is that you can manifest anything you want to manifest. But you won’t because of your conditioning. We are conditioned as human beings. We are conditioned in this body; it doesn’t allow us a lot of freedom; the mind doesn’t allow a lot of freedom. 
If you get past this body and mind…it is possible. But you are full of judgments. Everything you do involves judgment, the moment you judge, the moment you doubt, you lose the energy and you cannot manifest. You should not judge anyone or yourself.  The worst thing is to judge yourself.   
So, the bottom line is pure commitment. You can get whatever you want provided you stay there in the space of non-judgment and non-doubt. There should be no game playing at all.  This is how reality is. Look for it and it is there. Everything you have, you looked for it! You just looked for stuff that isn’t good.
You should do one thing, take responsibility. Don’t put the blame on anyone else. If you have to blame anyone, blame yourself. Because you are not thinking the right thoughts. I want to make the human mind not to wander but to stay in one particular thought. That is our problem, we are not able to stay in a thought forever.
Don’t think that you are poor.  You are only poor in your mind.
I am here to give you a 100% positive message. The thoughts should be so pure. Now the thoughts will play games. Whatever you do, be 100% with it. Don’t let the rational mind destroy it. The lesson is stay the course.” 

So as you can see, you can manifest anything you want, if you take full responsibility for your thoughts, if you accept that you’ve manifested what you currently have, and if you commit to having pure thoughts, which means avoiding judgment and doubt.
The best way to get started on weeding out the mind’s judgmental, doubtful, critical and negative thoughts is to become fully aware of your thought process and monitor your thoughts vigilantly.