There are many stories surrounding yoga retreats. The most often asked question is “do I have to be an advanced yogi to go on your yoga retreat?” The feeling that you´re not advanced enough, not flexible enough, not fit enough to go on our yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a common theme that often prevents people from experiencing AMAYEN Sanctuary.

The answer is: any level of yoga is most welcome to join our meditation & yoga retreats. Our usual guests are a mixed group of complete beginners together with more seasoned practitioners who simply want to start or continue practice yoga away from their daily routine. Anyone can reap the benefits of practicing yoga everyday in an environment so conducive to yoga that you can not go wrong – the nature, the sunshine, the delicious healthy plant-based food, away from the stresses and strains of modern life.

Our meditation and yoga retreats in the mountains of Chiang Mai, North Thailand offer an unique opportunity to connect with yourself and others in a special way, sharing mealtimes and creating a sense of community that may be missing in your busy city lives. The small group classes on our yoga retreats offer a personalised approach to yoga, where everyone´s individual needs can be taken into account, making it a truly holistic experience. Our wellness retreats offer also massages and other activities that complement yoga, such as mindful breathing, qigong and connecting with nature.

So whether you´re new to yoga, or you´d like to to kick start or deepen your practice, our yoga retreat at AMAYEN Sanctuary is a real treat – time to relax and restore and come back to the busyness of everyday life with renewed energy and optimism.

Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai - North Thailand